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About Us

Our Mission

Building bridges that
lead to reconciliation

Harlem has a rich history of Christianity. The black church and black America in general has seen some of it’s greatest leaders and movements come out of Harlem. But Harlem is also changing. It’s being rapidly gentrified and with the influx of newer, more affluent residents, native Harlemites are being pushed out of their own community in record numbers. Harlem is now more divided than it’s ever been along the lines of wealth, class, and race. Gentrification has created proximity amongst minority and majority people but it hasn’t created more empathy, more understanding, and more unity. Instead it’s led to greater divide. 


A Harlem where everyone is dignified and unified, because justice, love, and mercy are present.

Unity in Diversity

For the gentrified and gentrifier, the block

and the brownstone

Our nation’s racial wounds haven’t healed, they’ve only been exasperated in the past couple of years. We believe that it’s the church’s responsibility to mobilize and unify people around a vision for shalom and justice that’s Gospel Centered and Kingdom driven. This church will be for the gentrified and gentrifier, the block and the brownstone, and we will care about the salvation of souls and bodies.